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Presents: Reliable, high quality, low cost, PTZ cameras
We use high end Sony EX1010P ExView auto focus camera module.

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CCTV PTZ camera
Sony EX1010P camera module

PTZ camera for installers, dealers, resellers and for OEM.
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Mobile (Portable) IR PTZ
Auto-tracking PTZ camera (IP or non-IP)
Non-tracking PTZ camera (IP or non-IP)
Auto-tracking box

RS485 converter for PTZ
These auto-tracking PTZ or speed domes are renowned for its quality, reliability and superb performance. They have the original, top of the line Sony 36x zoom lens module with progressive scan and wide dynamic range, using Sony ExView CCD, FCB_EX1020, or you can choose the more economical 23x LG lens module. The motors and belts are very reliable, so far, there are no repairs necessary for these parts in the past 5 years.

You can upgrade non-auto-tracking cameras to auto-tracking, and from 23x to 36x zoom.

Mobile (Portable) IR PTZ
These mobile IR or non-IR PTZ are for cars, trucks, ships and for any portable outdoor use. There are two types, the PAC model is IP67 with IR, damping system and a wiper. The other VS model does not have IR and wiper, but with full weather proof IP66 casing.
Mobile PAC model:
IP67 protection index
IR/white light: up to 120 meters
Digital Image Stabilization
Robust damping systems
Smart hidden wiper
36x, 28x, 18x models available.
Can be mounted upside down for buildings

Mobile VS model:
Full weather proof with IP66 protection
Image flip function
Car's cigarette lighter supported
Sony E series modules, 550tv Lines
Magnets for mounting on car roof

Non portable PTZ models
These PTZ cameras are very versatile. All model come with a similar base unit that supports PTZ function and its protocol. You can select options such as:
  • 36x Sony FCB EX1010 optical zoom or 23x LG optical zoom camera module (model nos. 3600 or 2300)
  • auto or non auto-tracking (AT or HS models)
  • H.264 IP or non IP (NT or NS models for IP, auto-tracking and non-auto-tracking)
  • For example, HS2300 means 23x camera without auto-tracking; AT3600 means 36x Sony camera with auto tracking. NT3600 will be 36x Sony with auto-tracking and IP.
  • Outdoor (heater+blower) or indoor recess ceiling mount (no extra charges)
  • Flash Wall or ceiling mount for outdoor (same price)
  • You can power it up with 24~12v AC or DC. If you use 12V DV, the cable run has to be shorter.
This auto-tracking PTZ camera has s/w for auto-tracking while touring, and can send out alarm signal for the DVR to record ONLY when the camera senses a moving object. There are advanced features, like auto tracking based on pre-defined object size, motion speed, grey level, multiple presets (128-256), alarm triggeed motion and zoom level adjustments. At close range, e.g. 3 inches to 30 feet, the camera can be zoomed-in to view fibers on clothings, at longer range, from 100 feet away, it can be zoomed in to view cracks of bricks or gravels on roads. Housings for some of these cameras provide temperature protection from -40 to 120F.

IP option is available, with H.264 compression and comes with NV software that can also be used with HikVision, Dahua and DG IP applicances and cctv cards.

Mobile, IP67, with 120m IR, wiper, image stablizer

Auto-tracking video sample recorded with
26x camera, 640x480 pixels
IE browser users: Please allow Windows Active-X to play the video.
Google Chrome & FireFox : Please download this plugin to play:
Maintenance and support
These PTZs can easily be taken apart and be repaired within minutes. Basically, inside the housing is a module with motors and camera. Installers can put the housing onto the wall or ceiling, then, push and click the dome module into the housing. If there are any problems at all, it usually comes from:
  • Lightning spike protection card in the housing: This card has three layers of lightning protection. Field installation records 1% failure rate on this card, mainly from central states/provinces in US/Canada due to lightning strikes. This 5" diameter card can easily be taken out, there is a fuse inside for replacement, but if lightning does get through the fuse, you would have the card swapped, usually at no cost except for shipment (FOB Toronto). If you want to, you can buy some spare cards for standby, only $40 each. The 1% failure rate can be avoided. Please make sure that the PTZ is well grounded, and protect your RS485, video and power cables inside a well grounded conduit.
  • The program card, another 5" diameter card in the dome module: our record shows 0.5% failure rate, mainly from central states/provinces in US/Canada due to lightning strikes. You can get the card swapped, usually at no cost except that you pay for shipment. (FOB Toronto). If you want to, you can buy some spares for standby. ($140 each).
  • Auto-tracking card: there is no failure record on this card for the past 5 years. You can upgrade non-tracking camera to tracking camera by adding this card. $140 each.
  • Motors, belts, camera module: there is no failure record on these components for the past 5 years. We stock parts for these.

***Please contact us ( BernClare Multimedia Inc. 905-513-2722 ) for demos on these cameras. You will be convinced by their high quality and reasonable prices.***

To find out how to connect these auto-tracking PTZ cameras, or non-autotracking camera to your DVR, please Click here or contact us direct. We have years of experience to assist you.

PTZ, Auto tracking camera, IP PTZ cameras
Model IS-MS1001S SC350B
AT3600: Auto-tracking
NT3600: Auto-tracking + IP
HS3600: Non Auto-tracking
NS3600: Non-Auto-tracking + IP
(3600 for 36x Sony module)
(2300 for 23x Samsung module)

Small, Low cost,
Auto track optional


H.264 IP
Low cost

Option: 23x/36x, auto-track, IP
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Night, 1x to 35x zoom. Operator controlled. Dahua card used.

4CIF wmv video sample.

Auto Tracking Box

Mobile PTZ with LED, Wiper

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Mobile PTZ

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Brief • Small dome
• >500~570TVL
• 10x optical
• 8x digital
• 0.1Lux
• color/B&W
• 360º pan
• 256 presets
• cruise program
• Full size dome
• >480 color,
• 570TVL B/W
• 35x optical
• 12x digital
• 0.01Lux
• 360º pan
• 128 presets
• cruise program
• 0.5 miles
• H.264 IP
• 550TVL
• 36x or 23x Optical
• 12x digital
• 0.01Lux
• color/B&W
• 360º pan
• 256 presets
• Programmable default cruise
• Full size
• >400 feet for 36x, >200 feet for 23x
• Options: H.264 IP,
• Options: auto or non autotrack,
• Options: outdoor or indoor
• auto tracking by object size, grey scale, zoom level, speed.
• record on motion even during cruise mode. Start autotrack and trigger output alarm for recording/siren once a moving object is sensed.
• Auto Tracking Box
• Works with any Pelco-D PTZs
• Dual RS485 for DVR & joystick
• 2400, 4800, 9600bps
• OSD menu
• Pelco D/P
• 4 alarms input
• Tracking, preset, cruise and park
• 9~12V DC
• Mobile IR PTZ
• also for build'ng
• IR67 protection Index
• 120 meters IR range
• Image Stabilization
• Hidden Wiper
• 36x, 28x, 18x available
• optional: white light
• 550TVL
• Mobile PTZ
• IR66 protection Index
• can be powered by cigarette lighter
• Magnet for car
• 36x, 28x, 18x available
• 550TVL
Dealer/OEM prices
Please contact us direct on bulk prices.
We can label and customize for you.
We are looking for territorial distributors.
Image Sensor 1/4" Sony CCD 1/4" Sony CCD 1/4" Sony CCD N/A 1/4" Sony ExView HAD CCD 1/4" Sony ExView HAD CCD
Camera Module Samsung Hitachi Sony FCB Ex 1010p for 36x or
Samsung 23x camera module
N/A 36x: Sony FCB Ex1020p
28x: Sony FCB Ex985E
18x: Sony FCB-Ex490E
36x: Sony FCB Ex1020p
28x: Sony FCB Ex985E
18x: Sony FCB-Ex490E
Resolution 500~570TVL
>480 color, >570 TVL B/W
>550TVL Same as original PTZ >550TVL >550TVL
Video out
Same as original PTZ
White Balance
Same as original PTZ
S/N ratio
Same as original PTZ
Lens x10 Optical Zoom Lens,
x8 digital zoom
total= x80
x35 Optical Zoom Lens,
x12 digital zoom
x36 or x23 Optical Zoom Lens,
x12 digital zoom
total= x360 or x276
Same as original PTZ x36, x28, x18 Optical Zoom
x12 digital zoom
total= x432, x336, x216
Minimum Illumination 1 Lux Color
0.1 Lux
1 Lux Color
0.01 Lux B&W
1 Lux Color
0.01 Lux B&W
Same as original PTZ 0.01Lux:IR off
0Lux:IR on
0.0015Lux for 28x, 0.01Lux for 18x & 36x
IR-cut filter Automatic, can be set off Automatic, can be set off Available Same as original PTZ
Aperture, Shutter
Same as original PTZ
Same as original PTZ
Horizontal rotation
360º continuous
Same as original PTZ
360º continuous
Vertical tilt
Continuous with 180º auto-tilt enabled/disabled
Same as original PTZ
Continuous with 180º auto-tilt enabled/disabled
Presets 256 128 256 Same as original PTZ 256
Remote Control RS485
RS485 RS485
One from the DVR
One to the PTZ
Weight, without housing 1Kg 1.8Kg
3.5Kg w/housing
4kg w/housing ~1Kg 6Kg 6Kg
Temperature range -25ºC to 70ºC
(No heater)
-35ºC to 55ºC with housing; 0ºC to 40ºC without.
-50ºC to 70ºC (with heater) -25ºC to 70ºC
(no heater)
-45ºC to 65ºC (with heater)
Accessories (Optional) Pole or corner housing mount
RS-1 (RS232 to 485)
RS-3 Optically isolated RS232 to 485
RS-3 Optically isolated RS232 to 485
Other special features 5" diameter dome, Outdoor/indoor IP included Your choice of:
23x, 36x
auto-track, no-tracking
IP or no IP
Outdoor or recess ceiling mount
Wall or Pole mount
Works with PTZs that support Pelco D - 150X Super wide dynamic
- Worm & Gear precision drive
- PTZ preest precision@0.05º
- 120M IR range
- DC10.5 ~36V
- IP67, TVS 3000W anti-thunder, anti-surge
- 190mmx300mm sucker mount
- 190mmx275mm w/o sucker mount
- Hidden wiper, variable speed
- Digital image stabilization
- Vacuum & Magnet Sucker
- Aluminum Alloy case
- 150X Super wide dynamic
- Gear & Belt precision drive
- PTZ preest precision@0.05º
- DC10.5 ~36V
- IP66
- 130mmx160mm
- Digital image stabilization
- Magnet Sucker
- ABS case

Converter, Keyboard Controller
& Drivers for PTZ
RS-1 RS232-RS485 converter
RS-3 High Speed RS232-RS485 converter

Normal RS232/RS485 Converter

Interface compatible with ELA/TLA of RS-232 & RS-485

RS1 converter can convert the Data (TD) and Receive Data (RD) of RS-232C serial port to serial to 2 wire half-duplux RS-485 signal. It's the best choice for long distance control devices and point to multi-point bus communications. This interface converter can work without power supply. It can take power from TD signal, RTS signal of RS-485 port or DTR data terminator. It also has a plus function called Automatic Send Data Line Control, this is means that it doesn't need change the hardware configuration or instal software. Perfect surge protection ensures your RS-485 network security.
Transfer Speed:
Transfer Distance: Max 5000m (Speed 1200BPS)
Size: 88mm * 33mm * 17mm
Environment: Temperature -25 to 70 centigrad degree, Humidity 5% to 95%